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Innovation Software Distribution Group (ISDG) was formed in 2013, with a clear objective to bring ‘Innovative Software’ to the UK market. The vision is to enable a clear and functional route to market for any software that is ‘ahead of the curve’. ISDG uses a very well established and rapidly growing reseller channel that covers the SME market as well as stretches across all Enterprise Verticals to allow software vendors access to all segments of the UK market.The ISDG partner program covers Enterprise Resellers through to very small start-ups and MSPs. In return, we offer our resellers and MSPs a well-structured partner program that offers product support, training, consultancy, deal registration and most importantly, customer leads.

ISDG was spun off CDG, who have distributed software for over 16 years in the UK and Netherlands. CDG have been responsible for introducing software products to the UK that have gone on to become global industry giants. ISDG continues to leverage this very extensive and established reseller channel to help innovative software organisations grow their businesses rapidly within the UK.


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