Relax and Rewind with IASO

IASO takes the complexity out of backups and changes recovery from an exhausting challenge to a simple reality. Meeting the needs of backup users, partners and an array of service providers alike, IASO is the choice for anyone looking to relax and rewind.

With IASO, you have the freedom to choose how you manage the diversity of server backups and workstation backups: via the cloud or a hybrid model. IASO cloud backup enables you to send your data to a hosted provider for fast, secure and simple online backup.

IASO reduces the technical and logistical obstacles associated with traditional backup processes, and provides you with a cloud-based restore solution that’s both cutting edge and easy to use.

Hybrid Cloud Backup

With access to their data both on and off site, your customers can complete restores in minutes instead of hours.

Disaster Recovery

We help you build Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), and be the missing recovery link for your customers.

True Delta Backup

Backing up 9,000 files per second requires a unique technology, one that’s as fast as it is simple.