E-mail Security that allows you to say “Goodbye” to Spam and Viruses!

Libra ESVA is an ideal solution for email protection where high availability and fault tolerance are essential requirements. The product is very scalable and performs well regardless of there being hundreds or thousands of users.

Libra ESVA offers a solution that is easily installed, managed and highly secure. It’s the ideal solution for Small to Medium Businesses, where effectiveness and ‘set and forget’ deployments are mandatory.

Libra ESVA offers revolutionary protection from Spam, Phising, Viruses, Malware and other unwanted content whilst also integrating with Microsoft Exchange, Zimbra, Lotus Notes, Novell Groupwise and binding LDAP Directories to authenticate users and validate email addresses.

Libra ESVA can be deployed on-premise or on the private cloud. Both options can be clustered for redundancy, high availability and load balancing.

Spam Catch Rate

Libra ESVA has a catch rate of over 99.9%. This is due to their innovative 14 layer anti-spam engine.

False Positive Rate

Libra ESVA boasts a false positive rate of less than 0.02% due to their advanced anti-spam engine which enables for extremely accurate classifications.


Libra ESVA blocks over 98% of spam at the SMTP level. This means that Spam is blocked before it even reaches your network!