Put the power of secure File Sharing and Synchronisation in the hands of your customers.

Nomadesk takes File Sharing and Synchronisation to the secure business world. While there are several things that make Nomadesk’s file sharing software unique, what sets them apart from the competition is their combination of security, ease-of-use and accessibility. Nomadesk’s security features ensure your customers’ data is always safe and controlled. The installed desktop client is used just like any other drive on your computer (launched through Windows Explorer or Mac Finder).

There is no learning curve, all syncing processes are automated, and the software can be launched and in-use in a matter of seconds. The accessibility of data, even when not connected to the internet, is an invaluable tool for traveling professionals, as well as the ability to easily share with people inside or outside of your Nomadesk network.

Automatic Sync

Simply drag and drop or save your documents directly to the Vault and Nomadesk does the rest.

File Access Settings

Each individual may be given different access rights to edit files, invites others to the Vault, or send the files to others.

Instant Disaster Recovery

Since your files are backed up to redundant servers in the cloud, Nomadesk provides instant disaster recovery.